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If we talk about cleaning the house, the owners of the house take great care of cleanliness. But often hidden problems such as kitchen plumbing system problems, washroom plumbing system problems, drain clogs, kitchen sink and washroom sink pipes closing with organic materials, it slows down, all these problems we forget. They ignore until it becomes a cause of trouble. And I know this strange problem Because the smell coming from the kitchen and washroom spoils the environment of the house, which causes a lot of trouble for the homeowners.

Homeowners have to deal with these problems at least once a year, in which case it is instinct to use a plunger or any drain clog remover. But some clogs are very hard that don’t open even with these tools require more force to open them. Only the best drain cleaner can unclog such clogs,, so to deal with this problem, a best drain cleaner must be in the house. Which are specially formulated to break down organic materials that slow down your plumbing system and turn them off۔ Such as hair, grease and other organic materials. But the method of using these drain cleaners is also very important which is explained in detail in the content below. My goal is to protect you from misuse of drain cleaner and relieve your anxiety.

The same drain cleaner cannot be used for every drain. Drain cleaners are different for each drain. It is therefore important to know which drain cleaner is best for which septic system. It is therefore important to know which drain cleaner is best for which septic system. And how effectively it can generally resolve the cloges. I researched with some of the best experienced plumbers who were certified to find out. And myself experimented as a chemical engineer with a simple but visible experience in which I used chemical drain cleaners, alkaline and acid drain cleaners that are widely available on the market or at a hardware store. This shows that most drain cleaners can easily break down common clogging materials. On our list of Best Drain Cleaners you’ll find just the same drain cleaners that are safe for your home and can easily clear any blockage.

Before using chemical drain cleaners, it is important to consult a specialist and certified plumber who strictly prevents the use of chemical drain cleaners۔ Because they know the damage it causes as worried about the breakdown of your septic system, the shrinking of pipes and the smoke it creates that you might get diseases. They advise us to use non-chemical drain cleaners and their alternators and give us the best advice to avoid malfunctions and blockages in our septic system.

If you are dealing with these issues daily, you should contact a good plumber and seek advice. They remove these obstacles mechanically. Like they have an electronic plumbing snake, electric eel, or toilet jack. Like run by a trained professional. If you have already used a drain cleaner or any chemicals, let the plumber know before you start all this۔ If not, the plumber may suffer loss of life.

Seeing the availability of drain cleaners in the market and their continued use I reviewed for people’s insight and guidance. I have visited many websites but no one has told under what conditions a drain calener should be used. My goal is to protect you from potentially harmful drain cleaners. The information that you will get from my content is enough to get out in any emergency situation and take a smart decision without thinking too much in such a situation.

Types Of Chemical Drain Cleaner

Caustic Drain Cleaner

This drain cleaner is commonly used to remove minor obstruction to the kitchen’s plumbing system. When putting it in the closed plumbing sytem of the kitchen sink, when it reacts with standing water, it give molicules to the organic matter, whic increases the temprature of the standing water. It melts the frozen grease and dissolves in the water. Because these drain cleaners are very alkalin, they reach the clogged areas in stagnant water very quickly and open then easily.

The caustic drain cleaners contain the main components of base such as lye and caustic potassium. which is an alkaline metal hydroxid. That is, it has the property of dissolving in water very quickly. It is known for its acidity and protective gear should be worn when using it as it can be damage your skin.Lye is found in drain cleaner from 22 percent to 36 percent. it contains two types of compound sodium sodium hydroxide (NAOH) and potassium hydroxide (KOH). The caustic potassium is either very yellow or it is colorless and does not contain any smell. It is evident from the name caustic, i.e. poison or burning thing like acid. It produce heat when dissolved in water and the temprature of water is increased.

Oxidizing Dranin Cleaners

Among excidizing drain cleaners is peroxide, (H2O2) (it is light blue liquid that is slightly more viscous than water. It is used in bleaching and in erasing germs and also has many uses) Hyprocloric (CLO-) also commonly known as bleach, it is an excellent antiseptic and antimicrobial agent), and nitrates (NO-3) (also known as aqua fortis i.e. strongwater) such cuch components are found. Oxidizing drain cleaner work similarly to caustic drain cleaner. There is only a slight difference between them that they do mot give molecules to organic matter, they take malicules, and this process is very strong and it increases the temprature of the suspended water. By which the organic matter dissolves and flow into the water and the closed blocked pipe opens. Because oxidizing drain cleaners are heavier than water they pass through water and reach organic matter very quickly. The reaction from this drain cleaner helps to dissolve toilet-trapped toilet pape, dissolve soap, loosen hair, and decolonize leftover food crumbs and greasiness in the kitchen sink and remove blockages.

Acid Drain Cleaners

Acid drain cleaners are rarely used and mostly uses and for large clog, i.e. when your toilet or kitchen is in very bad condition, i.e. completely clogged. It contains sulfuric (H2SO4) (it is a colorless viscous or sticky and odorless liquid that can be mixed with water. These are hygroscopic which produces heart when poured into water) and hydrochloric acid (HCL) (These are inorganic chemicals. It is highly acidic, colorless and sticky or viscous). It is the strongest type of acid. Becaus these are very highly acidic and dangerous acids, these are not avalable in hardware stores and are these are only given to very few plumbers who have a certificate.

FAQ Of Chemical Drain Cleaners

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